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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

In Alberta, the onus is on drivers to yield to any pedestrian legally crossing a road.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, you have the right to seek compensation. The amount of compensation you may be entitled to receive is dependent upon the nature and severity of your injuries, the amount of time you were unable to work, as well as the overall impact the accident has had on your life.

We will assess any claim you may have for injuries sustained and damages suffered as a result of the accident. Your future should not be compromised because of the carelessness of another.

You Need an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

Kantor LLP will guide you through each step of the insurance claims process to ensure you are receiving the care and attention you deserve. While we address the legal issues and deal with the insurance companies, you can focus on recovery.

Only by assessing the nature and extent of your injuries are we able to determine whether you need a lawyer. Sometimes the full impact of the accident is not felt for months. It may be best to take a “wait and see” approach, where we monitor your injuries and recovery over a period of time. If your matter falls under the Minor Injury Regulation, then we can assist you with getting an amount, at no cost to you. However, some matters may fall outside the Minor Injury Regulation, and in that event, it is prudent to seek legal advice to (a) protect your rights; and (b) maximize your recovery of compensation / damages.

Every situation is unique to the individual. If your concerns warranted a visit to our website, we encourage you to contact our office for a free consultation.

It Takes Experts to Deal with Experts

Ensuring you receive an amount of compensation commensurate with your injuries can be complex and require substantial medical evidence and expert opinion. At Kantor LLP, we utilize the experience of consulting specialist whose fields of expertise come from a variety of disciplines, including, but not limited to, orthopedic surgeons, accident reconstruction experts, psychologists, and physiotherapists.

Our Fee is Contingent upon you Receiving Compensation for your Injuries and Damages

We work on a contingency fee basis. Our fee is a percentage of the monies we recover on your behalf either by way of a negotiated settlement or a judgment awarded by the Court following a trial.

We are happy to take the time, free of charge, to initially review your matter and give you options as to your potential next steps.

Kantor LLP Personal Injury Lawyers represent clients in Calgary, Canmore, Red Deer and Lethbridge. 


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Kantor LLP Personal Injury Lawyers Represent Clients in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, Brooks, Camrose, Didsbury, Olds, Red Deer, Lethbridge and Wetaskiwin.
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